Begin your transformation into an exponential leader of the future.


Over nine weeks, we’ll take you and a cohort of likeminded leaders to the future and back where you’ll learn how to think exponentially and develop the skills that will put you on a path towards building an abundant future.

In the series, you will explore the ethical choices required by emerging technologies, work to conceptualize the future and overcome uncertainty, and learn to design for the future to improve your life and the lives of billions by leveraging exponential technology.

Emerge with the capacity, confidence and commitment to find your preferred future in only 9 weeks. Apply today for the Exponential Foundations Series — and help shape tomorrow.

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Week 1: A Tour of Exponential Technology

5m Dive deeper into exponential technologies that will make moonshots possible and will transform our world; Computing, Network Systems, Robotics, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Blockchain.
Supplemental Reading
Rules for Robots Activity
Discuss the implications of the volatility and uncertainty caused by accelerating technological change.

Week 2: Exponential Technology Implications

3m Dive deeper into exponential technologies that will make moonshots possible and will transform our world; Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Digital Biology.
Pause and Reflect – Which leadership quality best describes you?
Open discussion
Open discussion

Week 3: Apply Exponential Thinking

41m Dive deeper into exponential technologies that will make moonshots possible and will transform our world; Digital Manufacturing, Synthetic Biology, Health and Medicine.
Supplemental Reading
Explore the timing of future technological breakthroughs by creating and sorting headlines from the future.
Discuss the future implications of the technology you have learned about.

Week 4: Practice Exponential Foresight

10/td> Moore’s Law and the Law of Accelerating Returns
Activities: STEEP categorization and Knowns v. Unknowns brainstorm.
Discuss which aspects of the future are known v. unknown.
7m Continue to explore foresight by examining the difference between facts, opinions and guesses (F.O.G.). Being able to understand your own biases and separate out what is an established fact from what is your opinion will allow you to make more accurate guesses about the future.
Build your own Futures Wheel by making informed guesses about the future.
Discuss your guesses for the future as you share with your cohort.
12m Learn how to compare probable futures and how to begin designing a path towards the one you prefer. You will practice this by choosing a future you want to further explore, generating a cone of possibilities, and then writing and sharing the story of your preferred future with your class.
Interactive activities: Steep analysis, Tell a Preferred Future Story, and more.
Discuss how we can use storytelling to change the conversation.
30m Creating a World of Abundance – A Dance of Technology and Crisis
Learn about six pathways to impact. Choose your own adventure by pursuing an action-learning impact project to pursue to complete the course.


Complete your capstone project assignment while collaborating with your class for ideas and inspiration.
5m Invitation to the SU Community
Share your project report. Give and receive peer review on your project report. Celebrate with your class your accomplishments.


Learning with SU is an experience like no other. We’re more than an optimistic and action-oriented communinty – we rise to meet humanity’s greatest challenges head on. Attending any of our programs – either online or in person – is a unique experience that no other organization or instituion can offer.

When you log in to the online course series, you’ll be learning alongside a cohort of like minded positive and proactive professionals who comprise SU’s broader global community.

Sharing new insights and perspectives with your classmates will help you to develop your skillset as your grow your network of innovators and entrepreneurs

SU’s learners become leaders with the most expansive views. You’ll access the exponential power of working together and harnessing the promise of rapidly-accelerating technologies for solutions to our planet’s biggest problems


Are there any prerequisites for the course series?

Yes! You must complete the intro course, Understanding Exponentials, before you can begin the Exponential Foundations Series. It can be completed in 2-3 hours at whatever time is convenient for you.

Are specific qualifications needed to apply?

We strive for diversity, though we do have some qualification guidelines. This course is for adults, 18 years of age or greater. The series is delivered in English, so we recommend that you are able write, read and listen intermediate English (CEF Level – B1 or better). Unfortunately we are unable to accept participants from certain countries. We encourage you to apply and we will check your eligibility at the time of application.

Why do I have to apply?

We have limited seats available and seek to seat the most suitable applicants. By submitting your application, we can make sure you are placed in the right class and we can better anticipate your needs when the cohort begins.

How is the series different from the intro course?

The intro course is just that, an introduction to a few concepts. In the series, you and your class will be challenged with hands-on activities, discussions, and project work that will build the mindsets and skills to put you on a path to being an exponential leader. It’s more than just an introduction, it’s application and hands on learning.

Do you have a course I can preview before signing up?

Understanding Exponentials is available on-demand as a preview to the Exponential Foundations Series. This free preview course does not contain all the features and benefits of the full series, but will give you an idea what to expect , not to mention some mind-expanding content. It’s also a prerequisite that you finish Understanding Exponentials before you can begin the series. You can finish it after you apply for the series, but applicants who have completed Understanding Exponentials will have a better chance of getting admitted to the series.

What is the refund policy?

Applicants that have been admitted to the series must pay in full at least one week before it starts to reserve their seat, else it will be offered to the wait list. Once the series begins, paid participants will have 7 days from the start of the series to request a full refund. You may request a refund before the series starts as well by submitting a refund request to [email protected]

Will I get anything when I complete the Exponential Foundations Series?

Participants who successfully complete the Exponential Foundations Series will join the SU Community Directory, where we will acknowledge program completion in their profile.

How much is the Foundations Series?

This 9-week course series with 27 hours of learning activities is $795.

Do I have to take the series on certain dates or at given time?

The Exponential Foundations Series is offered as a paced 9-week asynchronous cohort. What that means is that you and class of likeminded leaders will be working through the lessons during a fixed calendar period. You will not be meeting regularly together in a live virtual classroom, but you will be collaborating on your own schedule to complete weekly individual, group and class assignments. This offers you flexibility of schedule, while providing the benefit of learning within a community.