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Your Introduction to Exponentials (FREE)

In this free introductory course, you’ll discover that your current linear thinking is outdated and that you can learn to think exponentially to more accurately envision the future.  Get started with videos and self-reflections that will challenge you and build your capability to use exponential technology to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.


Delivery: On-demand so you can learn at your own pace

Total time: 2-3 hours

The online program lasts nine weeks. We’ll take you and a cohort of likeminded leaders to the future and back where you'll learn how to think exponentially and develop the skills that will put you on a path towards building an abundant future.


A Tour of Exponential Technology

Curious about artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, quantum computing, and more? Identify the drivers of exponential and convergent technologies, while recognizing their complex implications. Work with your classmates to apply analytical and predictive tools through assignments and discussions.


Delivery: Paced cohort over three weeks. Included with purchase and admittance to the program.

Total time:  3 weeks, 2 hours per week

Haven't been able to attend to attend a Singularity University program?

You can now have a transformational experience online. Successfully completing the four courses in the Foundations Series will teach you how to lead by:

Exploring ethical choices required by emerging technologies

Designing for the future to improve your life and the lives of billions

Conceptualizing the future and overcoming uncertainty

Leveraging exponential technologies



Practicing Exponential Foresight

Learn how to find and monitor macro trends and STEEP variables to establish future forecasts. Build resilience to the ambiguity of rapid change and develop the skills to absorb present information that might inform the future.


Delivery: Paced cohort over three weeks. Included with purchase and admittance to the program.

Total time:  3 weeks, 2 hours per week

Why learn with SU?

Learning with SU is an experience like no other. We’re more than an optimistic and action-oriented community — we rise to meet humanity’s greatest challenges head on. Attending any of our programs — either online or in person — is a unique and life-changing experience that no other organization or institution can offer.


Design Your Impact

In this capstone course, you’ll explore your own capability to transform one of humanity’s most serious issues into an abundant future. You’ll deliver a capstone project and review your ideas with your classmates.


Delivery: Paced cohort over three weeks. Included with purchase and admittance to the program.

Total time:  3 weeks, 2 hours per week

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$900 - 9 weeks

The SU Learning Community

When you log in to your online courses, you’ll be learning alongside a cohort of like-minded positive and proactive professionals who comprise SU’s broader global community. Sharing new insights and perspectives with your classmates will help you to develop your skillset as you grow your network of innovators and entrepreneurs.


SU learners become leaders with the most expansive views. You’ll access the exponential power of working together and harnessing the promise of rapidly-accelerating technologies for solutions to our planet’s biggest problems.



Emerge with the capacity, confidence and commitment to find your preferred future in only 9 weeks. Apply today for the Exponential Foundations Series — and help shape tomorrow.