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Are you ready to upgrade your mindset? This mind-expanding intro, a prerequisite to all our online courses, is your no-risk opportunity to begin a transformational learning experience with us. Embark on an exciting journey through 10 interactive video lessons where you’ll learn about the mission behind SU and the exponential mindsets you need to be a leader of the future. You’ll also become acquainted with our influential global network of future-oriented innovators moved by massive transformative purpose to revolutionize billions of people’s lives.


  • Expert

    Dr. Peter H. Diamandis


  • Expert

    Dr. Ray Kurzweil


  • Expert

    Pascal Finette


  • Expert

    Lisa Kay Solomon


  • Expert

    Nicholas Haan


  • Expert

    Joel Hobbs


Course Outline10 Lessons3 hours

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  • Lesson 1: If not you, who? If not now, when?15m

    5mWhat is Singularity University?

    5mPause and Reflect – What problem in the world are you uniquely positioned to solve?

    5mOpen discussion

  • Lesson 2: You can design the future13m

    3mThe four types of exponential leaders

    5mPause and Reflect – Which leadership quality best describes you?

    5mOpen discussion

  • Lesson 3: Welcome to the journey23m

    3mShifting from linear to exponential thinking

    10mPause and Reflect – What will life by like in 30 years?

    10mOpen discussion

  • Lesson 4: The law of accelerating returns17m

    7mMoore’s Law and the Law of Accelerating Returns

    5mPause and Reflect – What implications does this increasing acceleration have for the economy and job market?

    5mOpen discussion

  • Lesson 5: Think exponentially23m

    8mDeveloping an exponential mindset

    10mPause and Reflect – What cognitive biases do you have about the future?

    5mOpen discussion

  • Lesson 6: The 6Ds of Exponentials22m

    7mUnderstand the 6Ds framework

    10mActivity – Identify the 6Ds with real examples

    5mOpen discussion

  • Lesson 7: Abundance16m

    6mEmbracing the abundance mindset

    5mPause and Reflect – How might increased global access to resources, capital, technology, and expertise change your outlook on the future?

    5mOpen discussion

  • Lesson 8: Global Grand Challenges26m

    11mThe 12 challenges we’re committed to solving

    10mPause and Reflect – What threats and opportunities does one of the 12 GGCs have for you, your industry or the world?

    5mOpen discussion

  • Lesson 9: Dream boldly21m

    6mTaking moonshots

    10mPause and Reflect – Can you think of a radical solution that could make a GGC solvable?

    5mOpen discussion

  • Lesson 10: Closing reflections5m

    5mPause and Reflect – What’s next?

    10mContinue your discussion

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